Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jewelry Pliers and Cutters

The many different jewelry pliers and cutters available can make it confusing as to what to buy and use. Here we will attempt to throw some light on the differences. By the time you land here, I am sure that you already have some jewelry pliers of...

Crimping Pliers: How to use

Even though you can use Flat Nose Pliers to crimp your crimp beads, until you begin to useCrimping Pliers, you won't really know how much more professional crimping pliers will make your finished art-piece. The Crimp Plierswill help curve your crimp ...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Beading Wire vs Jewelry Wire

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1] Beading Wire vs Jewelry Wire Beading wire is not the same thing as jewelry wire. Jewelry wire is just a single strand of wire often made of brass or copper. Jewelry wire is most often used for sculpting and wire wr...

Friday, May 22, 2015

Niobium: dream material for Jewelers

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1] Niobium is a jeweler's dream metal for many reasons. highly resistant to chemical attack very pure kind of metal - has no nickel, no alloy super hypoallergenic - so much so that many people who are allergic t...

Glorious Crystal Effects

Crystal Effects, Coatings, & Finishes for Swarovski Crystals Crystal effects are coatings or surface finishes that are applied to the glass/crystals to enhance their appearance. These coatings are alternatively referred to as Stone Effects o...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Facebook Page Tab: How to add

How to install Facebook Page Tab How to add a Facebook Page Tab to your facebook page?  On the top of your facebook page (under the header) are a number of tabs which makes navigation easy for visitors to your page.  If you wanted a facebook page tab that links to your blog or to your online store, this is a how to on how to do just that. I will be using the Woobox Custom Tab (facebook app).  You can use the link provided or you can do a search for Woobox Custom Tab in your facebook search box. search facebook for custom tab Tip: Once you have done your search, if you click your mouse in the search box again, you will see additional search options, namely apps similar to woobox custom tab .  Click on that to see a selection of other similar apps that you could use instead. get other similar apps for custom tab

Facebook Shop Now call to action: How to Add

Do you have an online store and would like to have a call to action like Shop Now at the top of your Facebook page? Then let s do it! Go to your Facebook page.  Note that not every facebook page seems to have the same feature. But if you do, then this is what you will see:   Create Call to Action button in your header. Facebook: Call to action button When you click on the Create Call to Action button, a pop-up window will appear. There are various calls-to-action you can choose from when you click the down-arrow in the Choose a Button field. Choose which Call To Action button you want For this exercise, we choose Facebook Shop Now. Next, enter the URL to your online store.  This can be link to your own website, your Etsy store, or any other link pointing to your store. enter URL to your online store Then click the Next button.  In the next screens, you will choose where to send people who are using mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android. You can choose to send them directly to yo

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beaded Picture Crochet Purse: Moertel Fairy

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1] The Moertel Fairy Purse is a quirky beaded picture crochet purse, inspired by the whimsical work of lampworker artist Melanie Moertel. [caption id="attachment_4459" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Moertel Fai...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pixel Measurement for your website

Pixel Measurement: How does one measure a web page or items on it, in pixels? Maybe you need to know the width of your sidebar(s) or the size of your content area .. or any other element on your page. That is what I needed and I found a Chrome extension: Page Ruler tool that will do that for me. Page Ruler tool, a Chrome extension How to get the Page Ruler tool for Chrome First, find the Page Ruler tool (by wrakky) and click the Add to Chrome button. How to use the Page Ruler tool Once installed on your Chrome browser, you will find it as a icon-tool at the top of your browser. Page Ruler icon in Chrome browser

Widgetize Pages Light: WordPress Plugin

Widgetize Pages Light plugin for WordPress I installed Widgetize Pages Light plugin (by OTWthemes) because, with it, I can drop widgets anywhere into my posts or pages.  At the time of install, there were over 10,000+ active installs with generally 5 star user ratings. With this widget, you can also build your own custom page layout so that you can place your widgets. (See reference below for the widget s online documentation.) I find it much easier and more versatile to drop widgets into my pages without using the layout builder.  So I will talk about the how-to of that aspect here. Sidenote: I will assume you know how to find, install, and activate plugins for WordPress.  You can also use the references below for the relevant links. How to use Widgetize Pages Light plugin Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you will see it as a menu item in your WordPress (WP) admin. Widgetize Pages Light in Admin menu The first thing you do is create a new sidebar. Note: Don t wor

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Contextual Related Posts plugin for WordPress

Contextual Related Posts plugin Displaying some Related Posts links at the end of each of your posts will help to increase traffic and reduce bounce rate.  On this site, I have used Contextual Related Posts by Ajay.  It had, at the time of my installation, over 60,000 active installations and mainly 5 star ratings.  So I reckon this is a very safe choice! Customizing Contextual Related Posts Once you have installed and activated the Contextual Related Posts plugin, you can go to the settings.  There is a rich array of settings you can customise. WP Admin >> Settings >> Related Posts goto Contextual Related Posts settings to customize Even without any customization, the plugin will already automatically pull in related posts to display beneath each post. This below shows an example without having to do another step, just with the default settings. It will appear at the end of a post. Example of output from Contextual Related Posts with default settings Some Main Features You can c

Related Posts plugin for WordPress

Related Posts plugin from Jetpack Having related posts show up at the bottom of your posts is said to help increase traffic.  So it is time I did something about this.  Instead of installing yet another plugin, I will just use Jetpack plugin which I already have.  So if you have the same, then let s do it! Related Post via JetPack plugin Log into your WordPress (WP) admin >> Jetpack JetPack link in navigation bar You may have to scroll down on the page that appears and click the see other jetpack features button. click to see more Jetpack features Scroll down the list of features till your find Related Posts .  If not already activated, click on the Activate link. activate Related Posts feature in Jetpack plugin Customise Related Posts section Once activated, head on over to: WP Admin >> Settings >> Reading Scroll down to Related Posts section.  Tick/untick check boxes to customise how you want your Related Posts section to look like.  There is even a preview to guide you. Save

Monday, May 11, 2015

How to Delete Account in Google Analytics

How to delete account in Google Analytics Though this may change over time, currently you can have up to 100 accounts in Google Analytics (per Google login).  For most of us simple website owners, we will probably only ever use 1 account.  However if you should have more than one and would wish to delete account in GA, then this quick tutorial will show you the steps. How to Delete Account in Google Analytics Log into your Google Analytics account. In your Home screen, you will see a list of your Accounts.  Clicking any of them will show that Account s Properties and Views. Google Analytics Home page We are now going to delete the Charlie Brown account (which was created as an exercise for our Google Analytics 101 beginner s course). To delete account in Google Analytics, click into the Admin page. On the Admin page, check/select the correct Account you want to delete. Then click Account Settings. Select Account to be deleted In the following Account Analytics page, you can once ag

Sunday, May 10, 2015

GA Reports – 4 Main Questions Answered

The reason we even bother with Google Analytics is that we want answers regarding our websites. Today we will look at some of the most popular questions.  And how GA Reports will give us the answers. Google Analytics 101 Google Analytics 101 Easy Fundamentals Create New Account in Google Analytics Basic Views in Google Analytics How to Read Google Analytics Reports GA reports provide Answers Google Analytics Reporting We are provided with some basic GA reports. They are automatically set up. And they can be very useful without doing anything else. As long as you have embedded your GA tracking code into your website, GA will immediately start collecting data.  Which will be available in the Google Analytics reports. Note: For this section, instead of using our previous Account example of Charlie Brown (see: Create new Account in Google Analytics), I will be referring to another website I had set up some time ago which has more data.  If you already have your own GA account and webs

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How to Read Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics reports are very comprehensive and in-depth.  Ironically, that is also why the reporting interface can be overwhelmingly intimidating to most of us. So let s get a handle on how to read those reports. Google Analytics 101 Google Analytics 101 Easy Fundamentals Create New Account in Google Analytics Basic Views in Google Analytics How to Read Google Analytics Reports Google Analytics Reporting How to read GA Reports This article aims to familiarise you with the basics of navigating Google Analytics reports and how they are laid out. We will not be talking about specific reports yet.  Rather how to read, use, and adjust the tools, graphs, and reports.  That knowledge will be essential in being able to later tap into the goldmine that is Google Analytics reports! Note: For this section, instead of using our Account example of Charlie Brown (see: Create new Account in Google Analytics), I will be referring to another website I had set up some time ago which has m

Monday, May 4, 2015

Basic Views in Google Analytics

Views in Google Analytics (GA) are very useful and important. Now that you know how to create Accounts in GA, we shall cover the very basics of Views. Google Analytics 101 Google Analytics 101 Easy Fundamentals Create New Account in Google Analytics Basic Views in Google Analytics Views in Google Analytics

PayPal and ebay are splitting up

PayPal and eBay split I just found out that PayPal and ebay are going their separate ways.  I can t help having a wry smile on my face, remembering how the behemoth ebay tried to ram PayPal as the only payment option in eBay and created a justifiable furore over it. There seem to be a few major factors that have brought about this split.  No small matter is the introduction of a new competent competitor: Apple Pay. You can find some of the main reasons for the PayPal/ebay split here: Ebay and PayPal to Split : The five reasons behind PayPal s split from eBay As for Apple Pay, I am not sure what the uptake will be here in Australia.  (Sometimes we just seem to be that much slower than America )  Apparently we can use Apple Pay on our iPhones and iPads. See: about Apple Pay Set up and use Apple Pay on your iPhone or iPad Sidenote: Well, the first thought is that Apple would have named their new financial payment system as

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Create New Account in Google Analytics

Simple exercise on how to create new Account in Google Analytics?If you have Google Analytics, you would already have set up at least one Account within your GA. (You need at least one Account in GA to be able to use Analytics.) But if you are like me, you might not have been totally clear how that happened.  So let s walk through how to create new account in GA. Note: As noted in previous article Google Analytics 101 Easy Fundamentals, I am presuming you already have a GA account. However if you do not have a GA account, then go to Google Analytics  and sign in with your Google or identically, with your Gmail email and password. The following steps will then actually help you create an account in Google Analytics. Google Analytics 101 Google Analytics 101 Easy Fundamentals Create New Account in Google Analytics How to Create New Account in Google Analytics How to Create New Account in Google Analytics? Remember that Google allows you to have up to 100 accounts in GA.  Most of us

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Google Analytics 101 – Easy Fundamentals

Our Google Analytics 101 series is for beginners.  They are specifically for those who already have a Google Analytics (GA) account. GA 101 series is especially written for the normal  non-technical person who does not want to nor need to have too much technical expertise and is usually short on time. Our aim here is to be able to make sense of the GA user interface, to understand some of the basic terms used there, and how to read some core reports. Google Analytics 101 GA101-Easy Fundamentals Google Analytics Made Easy Overview Google Analytics can be overwhelming and intimidating.  It doesn t have to be. We want it not to be.  We know how important it is for us to be able to track our sites performance easily.  Therefore in Google Analytics 101 series, we will approach it in small, bearable bite size pieces. Google Analytics User Interface What do you see when you log into your GA account? GA interface changes over time.  Right now (April 2015) it looks as per below w