Monday, December 14, 2015

Urban Rock Pendant – Violet Blue Frost

Urban Rock pendant in Violet Blue Frost is rocking Jewellery with Attitude! Urban Rock pendant Violet Blue Frost (CH0101) Urban Jewelry is jewellery for the person who has Street Smarts, lots of Attitude, and often with a delectable Feminine Twist. Urban Jewellery has been conceived for the contemporary individual who appreciates jewelry with a Distinctive Edge and demands more Flexibility, more Attitude, more Options, and more alluring Individuality. I have designed this range of jewelry for just such a person. Addendum: A most apt description from one of my beloved friends, Beverley Jane: “presents that overflow with gemmies and flowers“. I just had to add this in as this is such a perfect description. The “Urban Rocks” are jewellery that really rocks! It is an endlessly changing Rock for the Street-wise Urbanite who craves movement, change, structure, and funky distinction. This “Violet Blue Frost” pendant is edgy with its 3D triangular cage shape, capturing moving trea

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