Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Urban Rock 3D Pendant – Ocean Garden

Urban Rock 3D pendant is rocking Jewellery with Attitude! Urban Rock 3D pendant Ocean Garden (CH0102) Urban Jewelry is jewellery for the person who has Street Smarts, lots of Attitude, and often with a delectable Feminine Twist. Urban Jewellery is for the street-smart, edgy person who demands something Distinctively Different, that shouts out Individuality, that is Bold but can be Feminine and offers more than what it originally appears. These pendants which have different Fronts and Back do not need a bail. They can be worn in all kinds of ways by stringing (here via a silver choker) through the open mesh holes any angles, any way you can and each having it s own Look & Mood. I have designed this range of jewelry for just such a person.

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