Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Juicy Earrings I – with Swarovski Elements

Who would have thought that crystals, even Swarovski crystals, could look so very Juicy but here it is: the Juicy Earrings with the Swarovski glamour. Juicy Earrings I with Swarovski Elements (CH0167) For the fun loving girl with joy in her heart and skip in her step, this full bodied dangle earrings filled to overflowing with colourful large Swarovski crystals and matching with peerless Swarovski pearls, is the perfect companion on every occasion. Materials Swarovski crystals Swarovski pearls Silver plated (brass) earwires Lead and Nickel free I have lost the construction how-to notes on these earrings.  So all I can offer are full, juicy photos.  Click to view larger images. Enjoy! If unsold, these pair Juicy Earrings I can be found in our online store. Please feel free to offer some comments (below) or sign up for the free newsletter.

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