Sunday, December 20, 2015

Crochet Cord – Finger Crochet

Finger Crochet is crocheting with your fingers; no crochet hook needed. I love the finger crochet cord because they are very versatile and has, to me, a intriguing and professional finish. Finger Crochet Cord How To My first Crochet Book I found this technique from my first crochet book.  I was 10.  And it took me a few decades before I came to it and finally got round to making my first finger crochet cord.  The book was entirely in Japanese. I don t read Japanese.  So my term finger crochet cord is something I coined. Step-by-Step Instructions on how to Finger Crochet a cord Make sure you have at least 3 times the desired end length of the cord. Then make a standard loop to start (as you would when you start to crochet). Having one pullable end (the 3x extra length) is core to the finger crochet cord technique. Finger crochet cord (which, at times I refer to as hand crochet cord) can be done with or without beads; with beads on one edge or both edges. An example of beaded cord d

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