Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Crochet Baby Shoes – Baby Blues

Crochet Baby Shoes Baby Blues (CH0375) I seem to have started on a baby shoes journey.  Here comes the blues Materials Swarovski Crystal Pearls 4mm (Jade, Turquoise) Toho 8/0 (Opaque Frosted Turquoise) Miyuki Cut Beads 8/0 (Sea Foam Lined, Blue Lined Aqua) fine cotton blend yarn Size: Foot length: 7-8cm. Suitable for age: premmies If you would like some detailed steps and description as to how to make these booties, please refer to Crochet Baby Shoes How To. Please feel free to comment on these baby shoes be it advice, tips, or suggestions.  And you can sign up to our free newsletter (updated only as new creations/ideas occur).  Thank you for popping in! If unsold, this item can be found in ClearlyHelena store at Crochet Baby Shoes Baby Blues.

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