Sunday, December 20, 2015

Beaded Picture Crochet Cuffs – How To

Picture Crochet (my term) is crocheting with beads to form specific images or pictures.  Here I will go through some of the how-to and suggestions in using picture crochet to create cuff bracelets. How-To: Beaded Picture Crochet Cuff Bracelet I will only be going into as much detail as will give you an idea as to the process.  And I will be using photos from different crochet cuff bracelets to illustrate.  So lets start shall we? Gauge: Choose Image and Materials Michou Inspired Cuff Bracelet (CH0363) beaded picture crochet You can choose any image that inspires you. Example: In Micho Inspired Cuff bracelet, you can see that I was inspired by the beautiful design and colours from lampwork beads by Michou Design. Choose the yarn and beads that you will use.  Select the crochet hook size that will work best. Thread on a good selection of beads onto the yarn.  (You can use just one colour if most of your work will be in that bead size.) Then crochet a swatch of beaded (one colour) c

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