Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kerrie Slade – Neck Warmer and Fingerless Gloves in Olive Green

I think I hardly need say that this neck warmer-gloves set was specially made, with lots of kisses and hugs, for a very special lady: Kerrie Slade. As per request, it is created predominantly and virtually exclusively, in the deep, soothing richness of Olive Green. Romancing Kerrie Slade neck warmer + fingerless gloves set (CH0371) The neck warmer and fingerless gloves set is made with 100% cotton. Features 2 detachable (magnetic flowers). A scattering of the deep, royal Purple Velvet Swarovski crystals on one of the flowers gives a subtle and enchanting flash of bling. Perhaps for a romantic assignation along the leafy greens of an autumnal walk? Neck Warmer Different Looks, Different Styles I have crocheted the neck warmer to give it a scalloped (top) edging and a romantic, longer pointed (triangular) edging (bottom). Of course there is no fixed rule to this. There are 2 buttons for closure. Not both buttons have to be used simultaneously. So it can be worn snug or a bit looser, or

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