Saturday, November 28, 2015

How to Crochet Flat Circle – sc

How to Crochet Flat Circle in single crochet (sc): that s our topic today. I have previously written up a simple how to crochet flat circle using double crochet stitch. That was a bit of a rough draft and one had to endure my messy, uneven stitch charting.  I now am going to employ my new free Crochet Chart software to see if I can make things even clearer.  The logic behind whatever stitch you use to make a flat circle is going to be the same. FYI: If you would like to try out the free Crochet Chart software (created by Stitch Work and now is open-sourced), you can find out where to get Crochet Chart software in an earlier post of mine. In charted image below, you can see the chart for how to crochet flat circle in sc (single crochet stitch).  I am only showing half of the full circle.  It looks a little bit complicated. One almost has to strain and squint one s eyes to figure out what is going on, row by row.  But let me break it down to the underlying repeating blocks the inhe

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