Friday, November 27, 2015

Crochet Charts Software – Where to Get?

Given my horrible handwriting and my even more horrible, uneven charting, I really need a crochet charts software: an app or software that will allow me to chart my crochet stitches.  (If you were looking for software that would actually crochet for you then nope, this is not it! LOL!) This post is but an pointer to Crochet Charts software.  Mainly I want to tell you where you can find it (as it is kind of hidden at the moment) should you want to give it a go. I hope to be writing up more about this software (if it works out good) when I have had a chance to work more with it. Where to find Crochet Charts software? Windows Crochet Charts software is created by Stitch Works.  However at this time of writing (27 Nov, 2016), if you go to the main site, you will only see Crochet Charts v1.2 with a Crochet Charts download version 1.2.0 for Windows Vista /7/8.  There is no download for Mac.  But there is a version for Mac available.

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