Sunday, November 29, 2015

Crochet Chart Image and Software Bug

Crochet Chart Software in ver. 1.2 offers the feature of being able to insert a manipulable image into your crochet chart file.  However it is a bit buggy at the moment.  So this is a how-to to work around it. Note: This workaround tutorial assumes you already have some familiarity with the basics of working with Crochet Chart software. Crochet Chart software working with images The Bug Ideally you want to employ layers, place the image in a lower layer and your charted stitches on the layer above. Bug1: However often when you insert an image, after a few seconds, you can no longer select of move them.  So you cannot select and delete either. Bug 2: Even though the image started on the lower layer, soon you will find that that the image is no longer on the lower layer.  Nor on the upper layer.  Nor on any layer!  In fact, there is no way you can get rid of the image!  So when you go to print out your crochet chart, the image is also there. And you might not want that. I don t.

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