Thursday, May 14, 2015

Widgetize Pages Light: WordPress Plugin

Widgetize Pages Light plugin for WordPress I installed Widgetize Pages Light plugin (by OTWthemes) because, with it, I can drop widgets anywhere into my posts or pages.  At the time of install, there were over 10,000+ active installs with generally 5 star user ratings. With this widget, you can also build your own custom page layout so that you can place your widgets. (See reference below for the widget s online documentation.) I find it much easier and more versatile to drop widgets into my pages without using the layout builder.  So I will talk about the how-to of that aspect here. Sidenote: I will assume you know how to find, install, and activate plugins for WordPress.  You can also use the references below for the relevant links. How to use Widgetize Pages Light plugin Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you will see it as a menu item in your WordPress (WP) admin. Widgetize Pages Light in Admin menu The first thing you do is create a new sidebar. Note: Don t wor

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