Monday, May 4, 2015

PayPal and ebay are splitting up

PayPal and eBay split I just found out that PayPal and ebay are going their separate ways.  I can t help having a wry smile on my face, remembering how the behemoth ebay tried to ram PayPal as the only payment option in eBay and created a justifiable furore over it. There seem to be a few major factors that have brought about this split.  No small matter is the introduction of a new competent competitor: Apple Pay. You can find some of the main reasons for the PayPal/ebay split here: Ebay and PayPal to Split : The five reasons behind PayPal s split from eBay As for Apple Pay, I am not sure what the uptake will be here in Australia.  (Sometimes we just seem to be that much slower than America )  Apparently we can use Apple Pay on our iPhones and iPads. See: about Apple Pay Set up and use Apple Pay on your iPhone or iPad Sidenote: Well, the first thought is that Apple would have named their new financial payment system as

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