Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How to Read Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics reports are very comprehensive and in-depth.  Ironically, that is also why the reporting interface can be overwhelmingly intimidating to most of us. So let s get a handle on how to read those reports. Google Analytics 101 Google Analytics 101 Easy Fundamentals Create New Account in Google Analytics Basic Views in Google Analytics How to Read Google Analytics Reports Google Analytics Reporting How to read GA Reports This article aims to familiarise you with the basics of navigating Google Analytics reports and how they are laid out. We will not be talking about specific reports yet.  Rather how to read, use, and adjust the tools, graphs, and reports.  That knowledge will be essential in being able to later tap into the goldmine that is Google Analytics reports! Note: For this section, instead of using our Account example of Charlie Brown (see: Create new Account in Google Analytics), I will be referring to another website I had set up some time ago which has m

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