Monday, May 11, 2015

How to Delete Account in Google Analytics

How to delete account in Google Analytics Though this may change over time, currently you can have up to 100 accounts in Google Analytics (per Google login).  For most of us simple website owners, we will probably only ever use 1 account.  However if you should have more than one and would wish to delete account in GA, then this quick tutorial will show you the steps. How to Delete Account in Google Analytics Log into your Google Analytics account. In your Home screen, you will see a list of your Accounts.  Clicking any of them will show that Account s Properties and Views. Google Analytics Home page We are now going to delete the Charlie Brown account (which was created as an exercise for our Google Analytics 101 beginner s course). To delete account in Google Analytics, click into the Admin page. On the Admin page, check/select the correct Account you want to delete. Then click Account Settings. Select Account to be deleted In the following Account Analytics page, you can once ag

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