Saturday, May 2, 2015

Google Analytics 101 – Easy Fundamentals

Our Google Analytics 101 series is for beginners.  They are specifically for those who already have a Google Analytics (GA) account. GA 101 series is especially written for the normal  non-technical person who does not want to nor need to have too much technical expertise and is usually short on time. Our aim here is to be able to make sense of the GA user interface, to understand some of the basic terms used there, and how to read some core reports. Google Analytics 101 GA101-Easy Fundamentals Google Analytics Made Easy Overview Google Analytics can be overwhelming and intimidating.  It doesn t have to be. We want it not to be.  We know how important it is for us to be able to track our sites performance easily.  Therefore in Google Analytics 101 series, we will approach it in small, bearable bite size pieces. Google Analytics User Interface What do you see when you log into your GA account? GA interface changes over time.  Right now (April 2015) it looks as per below w

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