Sunday, May 10, 2015

GA Reports – 4 Main Questions Answered

The reason we even bother with Google Analytics is that we want answers regarding our websites. Today we will look at some of the most popular questions.  And how GA Reports will give us the answers. Google Analytics 101 Google Analytics 101 Easy Fundamentals Create New Account in Google Analytics Basic Views in Google Analytics How to Read Google Analytics Reports GA reports provide Answers Google Analytics Reporting We are provided with some basic GA reports. They are automatically set up. And they can be very useful without doing anything else. As long as you have embedded your GA tracking code into your website, GA will immediately start collecting data.  Which will be available in the Google Analytics reports. Note: For this section, instead of using our previous Account example of Charlie Brown (see: Create new Account in Google Analytics), I will be referring to another website I had set up some time ago which has more data.  If you already have your own GA account and webs

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