Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Facebook Page Tab: How to add

How to install Facebook Page Tab How to add a Facebook Page Tab to your facebook page?  On the top of your facebook page (under the header) are a number of tabs which makes navigation easy for visitors to your page.  If you wanted a facebook page tab that links to your blog or to your online store, this is a how to on how to do just that. I will be using the Woobox Custom Tab (facebook app).  You can use the link provided or you can do a search for Woobox Custom Tab in your facebook search box. search facebook for custom tab Tip: Once you have done your search, if you click your mouse in the search box again, you will see additional search options, namely apps similar to woobox custom tab .  Click on that to see a selection of other similar apps that you could use instead. get other similar apps for custom tab

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