Monday, April 13, 2015

WordPress Maintenance Mode

I have been working on changing themes over at my ClearlyHelena site, and I never knew about WordPress maintenance mode.  Duh! Being able to put your WP (WordPress) site into maintenance mode when you are changing themes, doing major upgrades, or for any other reason where you might not want the public to access your site is very useful.  So how does one put WP into maintenance mode? Just so it is clear, for maintenance mode, you want the public to see your maintenance page (with some message or Logo, etc.) while you (and/or your WP administrators) can still access your full site (front and backend). WordPress Maintenance Mode There seems to be a few ways to put your WP site into maintenance. .htaccess file WP built-in maintenance page plugin Maintenance Mode via .htaccess file As you may know, I usually try to find the simplest, fastest, and easiest solutions whenever possible.  So if you would like to use this .htaccess method, please see How To Put WordPress Site Into Maintena

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