Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SEO your Images!

SEO your images How to SEO your Images In my previous article, SEO: Image Alt Text vs Title, Lumpy Dog and I tried to get through the message that your images alt text are important to you. Together with the image title.  But the former more than the latter. Don t throw away your images SEO power! The question is how do you add these semi-invisible (to readers) image attributes? In this article, I will be talking specifically about WordPress sites. Nonetheless, the theory will be applicable to whatever site or platform you are on. For every image you use, there are (hidden) attributes called alt text and title associated with every image. Images in WordPress I think that the best way would be to do a walk-through on handling WordPress images.  There are many ways to insert, upload, edit your WordPress images.  I will just deal with probably the most used and easiest way.  And probably the most familiar to WP (WordPress) users.  (Note: I am using a self-hosted WP.  If your WP is

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