Friday, April 10, 2015

How to Change WordPress Admin Password

The quickest, easiest way to change your WordPress Admin password it to: Log in to your WordPress admin area. Go to: Users >> Your Profile >> [specify your new password] >> Update Profile You will need to scroll more than half-way down the page to get to the password area. Changing WordPress Admin Password The reason for my latest change in password was that I had to get technical help from my hosting providers.  And they needed access to my admin area.  So I created a new (temporary) WordPress Admin password.  That way, I can give them access till the issue is resolved.  And then I can change it back later. However I do recommend this article Five Ways to Change your WordPress Password  (by  It is very concise and clear.  And helpful.  And it will cover other situations when you might be needing or wanting to change your WordPress admin password.

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