Thursday, April 30, 2015

Delete Gmail Address – How To

How to Delete Gmail address Many of us have created multiple Gmail addresses over time for various reasons.  Every Gmail address is a separate Gmail account. You might still be using a current Gmail account but you do want to tidy up and delete all the old Gmail addresses you no longer need. So how do you delete Gmail address? Google uses your Gmail address as a login to your account.  So if you have 2 Gmail addresses, then you have 2 Google accounts! Therefore you first need to login to that specific account that you wish to delete. If you are currently logged in to your current Google/Gmail account, you need to log out first.  Or use a different browser. To log in to the Google/Gmail account you want to delete, go to: If you already have more than one Google account (i.e. Gmail address) then you may get a Google window that ask you to choose your Google account.  Like the following: Choose Google Account If the Gmail address is not in the list shown, then c

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