Monday, March 16, 2015

How to Make WordPress Site Private

I am having some private thoughts so it got me asking: how do I make my WordPress site private? The preliminary questions are: Do you want to make your entire WordPress site private? or Do you only want to make specific pages/posts private? Let s deal with this a step at a time. Note: This article on how to make WordPress Private is for self-hosted WP (WordPress) installations. Those who are hosted with already have a means of making their entire site private in their Settings >> Reading page. How to Make Entire WordPress Site Private At this time of writing, there does not seem to be a simple, innate way to make your self-hosted WordPress site private. However, there is a plugin.  Private Only plugin seems to be widely used, with high user ratings, and well recommended. I won t go into the details of this plugin.  That is because I found a simple, well-written, succinct, & recommended article that already sufficiently covers what we might need to know: How to Make a W

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