Saturday, March 28, 2015

DNS Checker

Handy DNS checker to quickly determine propagation status of changes to your DNS records. I have just been involved with the much avoided but inevitable changing of hosting providers. Even from October of last year, I have been meaning to do the big (and scary) move as I mentioned in Exabytes Hosting Bye Bye. But while I have just moved to a new hosting provider, I will not be talking about that much here.  Not until I have had some time with them.  That way I can make better comments and recommendations. What I do want to talk about is the useful DNS checker I just found. As some of you may know, when you change hosting providers, you will have to point your domain name(s) to the new provider s nameservers.  And that the propagation of your domain name may take up to 48 hours.  But is there a quicker way to check up on the process?  After all, your new domain name pointers might have resolved faster than the 48 hours. The answer is Yes. You can go to

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