Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beaded Picture Crochet – Retro Geometric Shapes

RetroGeometrics Beaded Picture Crochet Cuff Bracelet (CH0366) Sarong Girl comments: You know, beaded picture crochet does not have to be just flat and all in a piece.  Here we experiment with creating holes in the work.  These can then be raised or otherwise treated to create multi-textured points of interest.  Here I have used variously sized chaton montees to create this texture and dimension.  And yes, you know me well .. to throw in that irresistible shameless sparkle! And if you are night party person you must remember to wear it out.  It really sparkles then.  And  you can wear it with long sleeves (so it peeks out) or with short sleevers or with no sleeves or (ahem) even when topless! Background History to Beaded Picture Crochet Retro Geometrics src: Agda Österberg; Flat Weave Wool Rug, 1960s found on

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