Saturday, February 28, 2015

Michou Inspired Cuff Bracelet – Beaded Picture Crochet

I may have mentioned in Beaded Picture Crochet What is it?, I am getting back into the joys of crocheting images with beads.  This Michou Inspired Cuff Bracelet is (I think) the first off the block. Michou Inspired Cuff Bracelet (CH0363) beaded picture crochet For this posting, I am not going into the how-to of making a beaded picture crochet cuff bracelet.  (Actually, the creation and the blogging is so far apart in time, my brain already has cobwebs.) So here are some big pictures instead. Michou Inspired Cuff Bracelet A Peek at the Process I am a big fan of Michou Design. So I turned to Michou Pascale Anderson Design on Facebook for my needed originating spark. Her use of colours always turns me on. I do hope that Michou Pascale does not mind me using her work as my starting point. But as you will shortly see my final result is not really that close to the originating spark. However I normally do need a spark up the bum for me to get going. Anyways I am going to thank Michou P

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