Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kahaner Vintage Trims – Destashing

You might have to come back more than once to eyeball and drool over the upcoming Kahaner vintage trims that I am finally putting up for destash (for now, only on Facebook closed group of Aussie Beaders Destash & Swap).  If you are an early bird/reader, you might not see much.  Unlike the normal post, this goes live before it is complete.  This will be a piece meal affair. I will add photos, one by one, as and when I complete photographing and listing each Kahaner vintage beaded trimming. Sol Kahaner & Bro. Vintage Beaded Trims I have had these magnificent trims for ever so many years.  And if you Google search, you will find why I have hang on to them so tenaciously.  It is virtually impossible to find any!!  So I have caressed, moo-moo-eyed, whispered sweet nothings to my beloved vintage lace, trims, tassels, and stash for many years.  What I have not done is to make use of them.  I could not bear it. However as my life moves along, I know that it is better to let these g

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