Monday, February 16, 2015

Geometric Triangle Dangles – “Sunset” necklace

Geometric Triangle Dangles the Sunset necklace is a continuation of the exploration of beaded geometric shapes started in Geometric Shapes: Tools for Beading . I won t add a lot of text to this post. One, I forgot most of what I wanted to say as it was made a while ago.  Two, the earlier posts on beaded geometric shapes covered a lot of this ground.  So mostly just pics .. and lots of it! Beaded Geometric Triangle Dangles Sunset necklace (CH0361) You will see from the photos that this is a double layered triangular piece. Front and back are joined with super-duo beads, giving it more dimension and depth. The back is as aesthetically pleasing with its geometic pattern. The chain and dangles are handmade from Swarovski crystal pearls and red coral gemstone beads. I particularly love the large (and new) Swarovski crystal pearls in Iridescent Purple. It is decadently glorious.

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