Saturday, January 31, 2015

Geometric Triangle: “Stately” Necklace

Stately necklace came about because I was playing with geometric shapes. Geometric Triangle Stately necklace (ch0360) As I was trying to say in Geometric Shapes: Tools for Beading, I am in the boring and exciting phase of trying to collect more basic how-tos.  I strongly believe that it will form a stronger foundation that will paradoxically give me more freedom to break the rules . So like a good girl I pretend to be, I have been practising and practising on the most boring basic shapes. Bead Bead Bead!  And it is always a pleasure and surprise that even while doing routine, rudimentary exercises, something springs out unexpectedly. I was learning and practising the Tri-Wing beaded formation when the beads decided to do a bit of a detour. s/n This photo shows Kate McKinnon s Tri Wing which utilises the MRAW (Modified Right Angle Weave) Bellyband. Kate teaches this in a video (see references section below).  You can also download a free (.pdf) copy of how to bead the tri-wing which

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