Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Freeform Beaded Crochet Bracelet “Warm Dunes”

I thought I might as well give freeform beaded crochet bracelet a go as the itch to do it is strong and some bright colours were running through my head. Disturbing my sleep. So here is Warm Dunes . My first run at running willy-nilly with beads, and yarn, a sharp pointy hook and going blindly at a freeform crochet bracelet! Warm Dunes freeform beaded crochet bracelet (CH0358) The bracelet can be worn full length, or slightly scrunched on the wrist. I just love the silky vibrancy and feel of viscose yarn.  So I decided to use viscose yarn as a main component in this piece.   Viscose yarn has a magnificent drape. And it is cooling. This freeform beaded crochet bracelet is really freeform.  But obviously there is a bit of structure to the design and shape.  I started off by making a tubed beaded crochet tube.  Wanted to see if a beaded crochet tube could be incorporated into a bracelet as an integral part of it (viz. not sewn or attached on later).  And the experiment worked. Bea

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