Friday, March 28, 2014

Rugged Crochet Rug – Recycling Bedsheets

Recycling Bedsheets into a Crochet Rug was very satisfying.  And rather pleased with the result as well. This happened while I was homeless .  Which meant, almost no tools nor materials on hand.  Instead I got some old bed sheets from the local op shop and a large crochet hook. After a few experimentations and multiple re-dos, I settled on the crochet stitches of choice. Rugged Crochet Rug (ch0326) The Process of Making the Rugged Crochet Rug Old Bedsheets for Crochet Rug I won t into massive details. The process is quite easy. Started off with some old bed sheets. (In the end, the rug required about 2½ queen sized bedsheets.) Prepare fabric strips Prepared fabric strips.  The cotton bedsheets were easy to tear.  So I just snipped the edge and tore away! As I mentioned in Raggety Shaggy Rugs, it is best to work outside for this part.  Depending on the fabric you are using, there might be a lot of fine dust. It will end up on every conceivable surface. Also use a face mask if po

Crochet Stitches – Pictorial Library

Growing library of illustrated crochet stitches. Where possible, I will try to only include the illustrated crochet stitches (so popular in the excellent Japanese magazines) with corresponding English name for the crochet stitches.  I am not as familiar with the English names as I am with the illustrated icons used, so I can t promise I will also have the English crochet term. Astrakhan Crochet Stitch Astrakhan Stitch: Graphical Stitch Diagram Astrakhan Crochet Stitch is ideal for a puffy textured pattern.  See full details in Crochet Stitches: Astrakhan Stitch. Beaded Chain Stitch Beaded Chain Stitch Chain Stitch Chain Stitch

Crochet Stitches - Pictorial Library

Growing library of illustrated crochet stitches. Where possible, I will try to only include the illustrated crochet stitches (so popular in the excellent Japanese magazines) with corresponding English name for the crochet stitches.  I am not as fam...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Door Stop: Woky Traveller mix media door stopper

With this "Woky Traveller" door stop, I may just take a rest from these quirky doorstoppers for a while.  "Woky Traveller" should be able to hold tight the last banging door in the house.  For now.  This article, though containing its usual load ...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Door Stop – Melissa Windstorm mix media door stopper

Melissa Windstorm is the second door stop in my series of doorkeepers, created in celebration (and need) for our new home in Apollo Bay. Mix Media Door Stop Melissa Windstorm (CH0324) Rough Sketch for door stop As with my earlier mix media door stop, Chiki Tiki, I started with a rough sketch.  I know that the final product is nothing much like the rough sketch.  Nonetheless, the sketch is an invaluable guide as the bits and pieces come together. Here is a quick look at the joyous first meeting between Melissa Windstorm and the heavier, Chiki Tiki. Door Stops first meeting! Since I covered most of the fiddly and ad-hoc steps in quite a bit of detail in the making of door stop Chiki Tiki, I will mainly show photos here.  But I will only point out some of the more salient construction differences. General Construction Steps As with any type of mix media work of this kind, using the sketch as a guide, I tend to play around with bits of different materials till I more or less have a l

Friday, March 21, 2014

Raggety Rugs – Shaggy Rugs – Recycling Fabric

I made these some while ago while being quite homeless and waiting for a new abode.  All materials for these raggety, shaggy rugs were obtained very cheaply from the local co-op shop. I am not going into overly long details as the pictures pretty much tell the whole story and these shaggy rugs from re-cycled fabrics are quite easy to make. Raggety Shaggy Rugs from Recycled Fabrics (CH0322) recycle materials for shaggy rugs These recycled materials, including the grid rug canvas, were from the op-op shop.  When recycling, I try not to have to buy things.  That would kind of defeat the purpose.  However, I was homeless.  And what was worse, I was separated from my precious hoarded stock and useful tools.  So this project was something I could try with minimal tools and materials. Working out doors for my second rug. I didn t learn during the making of my first rug (the black and red rug) but let me give you this tip now: whether you are cutting your strips or tearing them (if fabr

Recycled Plastic Rugs – Crochet Rugs

Now that I have used up all the spare plastic bags in the house and have made the first of my recycled plastic rugs, I feel almost shy to show it to you.  Only after I had already made my rug, did I go looking for examples on Google. I found a plethora of beautiful plastic rugs. But never mind, I will still you my humble one as it is a good starting point for generation of further ideas and to get some of the basics in hand. Recycled Plastic Rugs CH0323 Before settling down to crocheting my rug, for a bit of change, I tried to make it from Tunisian (Crochet) stitch.  I didn t like the effect nor the curling of the resultant fabric.  After many more unsatisfactory experiments, I was resigned to just crocheting it in the round.  At that stage, I was still not quite sure how to make regular increases so as to produce recycled plastic rugs that would lie flat.  But let me go back to the beginning a bag of spare plastic bags. Recycled Plastic Rugs starts with plastic bags No matter ho

Recycled Plastic Rugs - Crochet Rugs

Now that I have used up all the spare plastic bags in the house and have made the first of my recycled plastic rugs, I feel almost shy to show it to you.  Only after I had already made my rug, did I go looking for examples on Google. I found a pleth...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Door Stop – Chiki Tiki mix media door stopper

When the winds howl, and the doors slam, you know you need a door stop. Introducing Chiki Tiki, the mega 6kg door stop .. who pulls faces at the wind. Click to view slideshow. Chiki Tiki quirky mix media doorstop from recycled materials (CH0321) Chiki Tiki doorstop is mainly made from recycled materials.  Chiki Tiki doorstop is quirky.  Chiki Tiki has a face that only a mother could truly love. How to Make Mix Media Door Stop Rough Sketch as guide Though I ocassionally and wrongly think I can do without a rough preliminary sketch, I am always glad when I bother. This rough sketch keeps me on track as work progresses.  Even when the final outcome is nothing much like the sketch!!! For that reason I have attached a thumbnail version of this sketch to most of the following photos. Rough Outline on Material Draw a rough outline on material, based on sketch. This material is from a recycled pile of fabric I got a long time ago from Reverse Garbage, NSW. Sorry the picture is not very cl

Adult Male Crochet Booties – keep warm and clean floors!

Time, I thought, to attempt adult MALE crochet booties.  The man has to clean floors too! Adult Male Crochet Booties (CH0320) I have been experimenting and making crochet booties lately to keep warm as well as to simultaneously clean our polished wooden floors: Female Crochet Booties to keep warm and clean floors.  Once I got a bit of a feel for what might work, it was time to move onto the male in the family.  But I now had to make something fairly acceptable looking so that he would wear it.  It must be comfortable too.  And then, his footsies can keep warm while he helps with the housework of cleaning the floors! Tips and Notes on How To Make Male Crochet Booties Puffy Double Layered Soles in Adult Male Crochet Booties The picture here shows the puffy inner and outer soles.  Hence the soles are doubly thick and comfy. Please refer to Crochet Booties keep warm and clean floors for more details on how to make these double soles. I will just carry on with the specifics in the ma

Friday, March 14, 2014

Simple Crossover Crochet Booties – Lessons from

Free pattern crossover bootie by Louise Mac, at Ravelry In Lessons from my first Crochet Booties , I mentioned that I would be trying what looked to be simple crossover crochet booties a free pattern by Louise Mac, found at Ravelry. Well, I did try it and it is not quite suitable for an adult pair of crochet booties.  Not without adjustments at any rate. Here are the results and lessons learnt from trying out the crossover bootes for an adult .. Experimental adult Crossover Crochet Booties Simple Crossover Crochet Booties (ch0319) Remember that this is my experimental bootie so please no hissing and booing at my color choices. Ignoring the colors, the crossover crochet booties look pretty okay.  But it really is not Crossover Crochet Booties way too loose! Not only does it feel way too loose, but as soon as you flex your foot, you can see just how loose it really is. So the crossover booties may work on some cute baby footsie, but surely not on my adult sized ones! Lessons from Cro

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crochet Booties – keep warm and clean floors!

Continuing my journey from Lessons from my first Crochet Booties , this next pair of booties now has much thicker soles and has narrower soles.  The narrower soles creates a snuggier, firmer fit. This is not a full tutorial.  It is more of a guide and pointer lesson what worked and what needs improvement.  As far as the booties are concerned, I am very much in the experimental stage. Crochet Booties double soles. Warm and great floor cleaner (CH0318) Features of this pair of Crochet Booties The soles of this bootie are double layered.  Worked in Astrakhan Stitch which is a nice and puffy crochet stitch. Great for warmth. Designed to help clean floors as you wear them. Tip: Use non-wool, low percentage wool yarn, or machine washable yarn (so that it can be washed in washing machine)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wire Crochet Bracelet – Wired To Go

Following on from my new technique of wire working and wire crochet ( Riotous Garden crochet bracelet) , this Wired To Go wire bracelet is a variation yielding a different look and feel. Wired To Go Wire Crochet Bracelet (cc0160) An elegant piece for any occasion feminine and light weight with subtle sparkles on a comfortable wire base and secure clasp. Celebration of the nature s charms in flowers and leaves. Dimensions: Approximate length: 16.5cm (about 6½ inch) Approximate weight: 20 grams (nett) Materials: gold plated brass wire: 0.25 mm dia (for button-heads and main crochet) crochet hook: Clover 0.7mm Swarovski: crystals, pearls, montees Czech teardrops (smooth and faceted) stardust brass beads clasp: gold plated magnetic brass Slide Clasp How to Make Wire Crochet Bracelet The photos below pretty much show the work sequence.  When making the wired components, spread the wires apart to achieve a neater twist. Start twist as close to the (component) head as possible. Do not ove

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wire Crochet Bracelet – “Along a Pebbled Path”

A contemporary fashion bracelet infused with Nature and Life, and adorned with gemstones and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. How this wire crochet bracelet was made .. Wire Crochet Bracelet (CC0159) White washed pebbles, Cyclamen Opal flora, gemstone buds and leaves, and a happy dragonfly .. so are the summer joys combined. This fashion bracelet produces memories of a fresh and refreshing walk along a pebbled path, filled with the joys of gentle flowers captured in sparkling Swarovski Cyclamen Opals, and gentle hues of green leaves from gemstone chips. And a focal dragonfly who visits the summer path. Wire Crochet Bracelet (CC0159) Following on from my new technique of wire working and wire crochet bracelet ( Riotous Garden bracelet), this is a variation yielding a different look and feel. Materials for Wire Crochet Bracelet silver plated barss wire: 0.25mm diameter/gauge (for button heads and main crochet) crochet hook: 0.7mm Clover Swarovski crystals: Cyclamen Opal (top-drilled bicones, bicones

Monday, March 10, 2014

Wire Crochet Bracelet – Riotous Garden

This was my first wire crochet bracelet.  Created for Audrey and inspired by Kristin St. Clair tutorial which appeared in Make It: Live from Tucson article and found at Martha Stewart s The Craft Depot. This wire crochet bracelet is named Riotous Garden a celebration in the effusion of colours and the exuberant joys of a garden in riotous bloom. Riotous Garden a Wire Crochet Bracelet (CC0157) The crochet bracelet is my own evolution from the tutorial mentioned.  I had to figure my own way round to how to properly finish the wire band. The flowers and leaves are made pretty much according to the tutorial. The wire crochet base was created to produce a smoother and more finished look.  It is folded over, after the flowers and leaves are woven in. This ensures a smooth finish to the underside.  That is important to provide a comfortable wear against the skin. Finished Dimension of wire crochet bracelet Dimensions Approximate length: 19 to 19.5 cm Approximate Weight: 85 grams Mater

Beaded Lace Necklace – “Pearls Divine”

This Beaded Lace Necklace, named Pearls Divine was worked in freeform beaded netting. Beaded Lace Necklace (CH0141) I have not written down the instructions for this piece of beaded lace.  However thankfully I have some photos taken at the time it was created. Click for details. This form of freeform beaded netting produces a very delicate looking effect.  And it drapes extremely well to the contours of the neck area. Pearls Divine beaded lace necklace has been created with Miyuki frosted seed beads, topped with Fresh Water Pearls, Swarovski crystals (in colors: clear Crystal, Crystal AB, Golden Shadow), Swarovski Pearl Crystals.  Clasp is created from Swarovski Crystal AB button. This item can be found in store at CH0141 Pearls Divine Beaded Lace Necklace.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bead Crochet Rope Lariat Necklace

Since I am in the mood for crochet (and always for beads), I have done me up some crochet rope necklaces or lariat necklaces. This article covers 3 variations of bead crochet lariats and guides on how to create them. White Bead Crochet Lariat Necklace (CH0316a) Retro Coloured (CH0316b) Shades of Gray (CH0316c) Bead Crochet Lariat (CH0316a-c) I don t know that there is much that I can tell you about how to crochet beaded ropes.  Bead crochet ropes are not really hard to make.  It is more a matter of getting used to working with beads in the round with a crochet hook.  You have to be a bit more careful coz dropping a stitch can easily mean losing that stitch (very hard to find dropped stitches) and that could result in having to unravel the whole thing and begin again! White Crochet Rope Lariat Necklace (ch0316a) Steps to Make Bead Crochet Rope Lariat Using economical (cheaper) seed beads with all their irregular imperfections is just perfect for making a crochet lariat necklace.  T

Difference between a Bookshelf vs DVD Storage Shelf

I know this is a crafty centric site, but as with almost all crafters we are also hoarders.  And we always need storage storage storage.  I just bought myself a bookshelf.  It was really advertised as a DVD Storage Shelf.  But it did say it could also store books.  And apart from getting up to get my tape measure to figure out what the difference between them was, I just went ahead, bought it, got it, constructed it .. and now know the difference between the two. I bought DVD Storage Shelf White 80.4W x 23D x 102.8Hcm from DealsDirect ( This is what it looked like online: DVD Storage Shelf (source: So what then is the difference between a Bookshelf vs DVD/CD Storage Shelf? It is primarily in the depth of the shelves.  The DVD Shelf is much shallower but most books will still fit, albeit with less depth-space left over. Here is what mine looks like after I finished constructing it: As you can see from the side view, the DVD shelf turned bookshelf is s

Lariat Tassels and Clasps – Bead Crochet Tips

This is just a quick tip and not an essential for the making of a bead crochet rope lariat. If your crochet lariat is to have tassels at one end, with a loop/clasp at the other (as shown), then it is advantageous to make use of the inherent form of the bead crochet loop. Two Ends of the Beaded Crochet Rope You can see from the photo that the starting tip of the bead crochet rope is tighter where else the ending tip is looser. This looser tip is ideal for adding the tassles. You can use it so that you tassles seem to flow out from the beads at the tip. Thread long strong beading thread, sew and attach (invisibily) to body of crochet rope, pick up beads to your desired length of tassel, use turning bead, then work back along the beads on tassel till your reach body of crochet rope, secure. Carry on to next tassle. The tighter starting end of bead crochet rope will then be where you will work in your loop. You can see more details of the making of a lariat necklace with bead crochet rope

Friday, March 7, 2014

How Many Beads for Bead Crochet Rope

How to Calculate Number of Beads Needed for Bead Crochet Rope? This is just my rule of thumb on how to calculate the number of beads needed for bead crochet rope but it seems to work pretty well. Calculating for Same Sized Beads Determine your desired finished length; e.g. 200mm Ascertain sizes of beads you will be using. For example: a) all 2mm or b) mixed (e.g. 2mm and 4mm per row) Calculate number or rows: Example for 2a) all 2mm: final length/bead size = 200mm/2mm = 100 rows. So you will be looking to crochet about 100 circular beaded rows to achieve your desired length. Calculate number of beads. Determine how thick you want your bead crochet rope i.e how many beads per row? Say you want 4 beads per circular row. Therefore for 100 rows => 100 rows x 4 beads = 400 beads Include Safety Margin (10 rows): Personally I always add a few more rows in the calculation as a buffer in case I want it longer later or in case the calculations come up a bit short to achieve the desired finish

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lessons from my first Crochet Booties

Having moved into our new home of wooden polished floors, I was eager to try out some crochet booties. I checked out patterns, instructions, YouTube videos for tutorials on how to make a boot. Ultimately the only way to get a grasp on the real how-to is just to make one. So this here is my first ever bootie a crochet bootie. It is what I call a working draft. Its main purpose is so that I can see and feel what the real thing looks like. Wear it, work it, and find out that way what needs to be adjusted and then make a better one (later/one day!) Features Desired of the Crochet Bootie (CH0317) easy and comfortable to wear would help me keep floor clean! must look kinna of nice.  Eventually, a unisex version (so partner will wear it and help keep house clean as well!)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ClearlyHelena Store Reopens after Homelessness

Hi Everyone, Just a quickie note to tell you that finally, ClearlyHelena Store has reopened. Had to close on 23 Aug 2013 and was involved in a long process of selling and then desperately looking for a new home. Now at long last, we are almost almost settled and ready to go! A long process it has been almost 6 months of homelessness!!!