Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For the Love of Sweetie cat – RIP Kitty cat

This was made for the love of Sweetie our lovely neighbour s putty cat, Sweetie.  Sweetie recently went off to the great beyond and is much missed by her beloved owner, Melisse & Bob.  So this is my dedication to Sweetie. for the love of Sweetie cat (ch0355) I started with a photo of Sweetie cat. Melisse & Bob s Sweetie Selected an area and applied some filters via GIMP. (Filters > Edge-Detect > Sobel). Decided on one I liked.  Set image to correct print size to fit glass cab. Print. Then just worked beaded bezel using a clear glass cab.  Seedbeads are Czech and Miyuki beads.  Surrounded by Swarovski duo-coloured Alexandrite crystals. (Discontinued colour).  A gold filled chain.  And off it goes, with love, to our lovely Melisse in memory of her Sweetie cat. Close-up of Sweetie Cat beaded cab pendant

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