Friday, November 28, 2014

Mom’s Bling Bilinga necklace

I wanted to make something for my mom. I turned to my talented friend Di Parsons, owner of Bling Bilinga Beads for some help.  And she created this pendant with the most adorable colours for me. Mom s Bling Bilinga necklace (CH0251) Because the pendant from Di was so scrumptious in its colours, I decided a simple necklace rather than one of my usual complex creations. Mom s Bling Bilinga necklace (CH0251) I worked part of the chain to incorporate various small gemstones that would match the colours of the pendant.  These were worked in sterling silver wire; to match the rest of the chain, also in sterling silver. A very simple design with adorable glass work from Di.  I think the matching small gemstones really helped to bring out the charming eclectic nature of the whole piece. Mom s Bling Bilinga necklace (CH0251)

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