Saturday, November 15, 2014

Labradorite Necklace – Labradorite & Friends set

This labradorite necklace is full of life and joie de vivre.  It forms part of the Labradorite & Friends collection.  There are a huge number of steps and processes in the making of this necklace.  So I have broken up the process into separate articles in the hopes it will be more useful to my readers. Labradorite & Friends Necklace (ch0346) How to Make the Labradorite Necklace As (almost) always, start with a rough sketch. Tip: the sketch is even more important when there are many connection points to consider and create. Next, just a rough layout to get the juices flowing Labradorite Focal Wire Netting Bezel Using the rough sketch, mark out the likely connection points (red). This large labradorite pear drop will be bezelled with wire netting.  The connection points (closed jump rings) will be affixed as we wire-net. See How To Wire Net a Cabochon with Connection Points for steps and detailed photos. Other Bead Bezel Cab Components In this section, I will not go into massive d

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