Friday, November 14, 2014

Labradorite Earrings II – Labradorite & Friends set

This labradorite earrings II is part of the latest Labradorite & Friends jewelry set.  I just posted the labradorite bracelet.  For this pair of earrings, I have more detailed steps, how-tos, and tips .. Labradorite Earrings II (CH0344) How to Make Labradorite Earrings II It is always useful to start with an idea-sketch no matter how rough. A preliminary layout also helps. Layout the main ingredients (hot pink resin cab, Swarovski bead, metal connector, labradorite cabs) Using (round) felt pieces as backing for the resin cabochon. Glue cab onto felt backing. Tip: As the cab is translucent, you can markedly change its visual colour by the colour of the felt backing you choose. Mark out the possible connection points (using the draft sketch as guide). Start the bead-bezel process. I am using Miyuki 15/0 Gold to start.  Firmly attach (closed) jump rings as connectors at the connection points previously marked. You do this as you go round the cab; then carry on with the seed beads arou

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