Monday, October 20, 2014

Pliers Stand Holder – Simple How To

I decided to make my own pliers stand (alternatively called pliers holder or pliers rack ).  It was easier than I expected. And sturdier. How to make Sturdy, Easy Pliers Stand I have been driven nosy and crazy with my various make-do pliers stands.  First it was buckets, then whatever wooden canister holder, then just plonking them into a tools bucket.  But as many know, the more you have need of your tools the more specialized and plentiful they get. And in the middle of a project, to be able to lay your hands quickly on the right tool, is a heaven-sent. And then to be able to store them, visually accessible and safely that is another god sent. But pliers stands or pliers holders are not cheap.  Plus, even after paying the price, they have limited capacity.  (You know your collection will continue to grow despite your best restraint).  So being able to make your own pliers stand easily, is a big bonus. How to Make your own Pliers Stand Easily This is a very short how-to on maki

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