Sunday, October 19, 2014

Organised Pin Cushion – Ever So Useful

Ah, don t turn your eyes away because I seem like a lowly and ugly pin cushion. I am only a beta version. I have been on trial for a month or so. And I have made Helena so very happy! Organised, multi-function Pin Cushion (ch0388) I am a pin cushion which: is weighted is segmented to be easily organised has anti-rust capabilities can magnetically hold small work scissors and helps sharpen needles I have been made to please. And I have and I do! Daily! Helena thinks I am quite amazing (tho she does not, as yet, appreciate my lack of good looks). The Old Pincushion Here is what the ole girl had to deal with before I came along. You should have heard some of the expletives that were uttered in the dead of night when the old, fly weight pin cushion would fly up together with the needle.  Or the deadliest of squints that Helena had, trying to locate the right needle on the old, messy pincushion. old messy pin cushion The Idea Behind the Organised Pin Cushion This shows a rough draft made

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