Monday, October 27, 2014

Humble Hand Soap Dispenser – Upgraded

Upgrading the humble hand soap dispenser.  A mini post for a quickie project. Hand Soap Dispenser upgraded (ch0342) This is such a small, quick, fun project yet it took me so very long to get round to it. Those humble, simple super supermarket hand soap dispensers are great. Except they look so plastic-ky. Not unique.  And they tend to tip over when almost empty. Most annoying. This little project will cure all that.  It is such a simple idea that I will not need to write a how-to at all. Any twine or cording, ribbon or anything you can wrap around and glue onto the surface will do.  Preferably something that will not get too water logged.  If you do use something like that, just finish off with a layer of diluted Mod Podge or diluted PVC craft glue to seal.  (That is what I did with the brownish, organic bottle which has been covered with hemp yarn and leather cording.) And to give it weight, so that it does not tip over when bottle is almost empty, just put something heavy int

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