Saturday, October 18, 2014

BlueHost – Too Slow

I wrote (emailed via their Help Ticket system) to Blue Host on the 8th October, 2014. I finally got a response on 16th October (thank God, it was the same year). With a promise of 24/7 service at hand, getting a response over a week later is .. well Just Too Slow BlueHost!! BlueHost s promise of 24/7 Service Image Source: I am in the process of looking around for a good, fast, reliable hosting company which has an established, good reputation. In the process of this search, I have been Googling hosting provider reviews for 2014.  And I have also been asking the help and recommendation from my friends over at Facebook. BlueHost was one of the top companies in both respect (reviews and friends recommendation).  But despite all these things, it is always good to shoot the company an email to experience personally their response rate.  Sadly but truly, many a good and reliable companies of good repute can and do slide in performance and service over time.  Mine has .. and

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