Thursday, September 25, 2014

Soften Polymer Clay – how to

How does one soften polymer clay?  If you are like me, your precious clay would have been hoarded in safe places. And in revenge, they have hardened on you.  So now we need to find a way to recondition polymer clay for use.  Don t throw them away! How to soften polymer clay I just want to get started with my clay immediately so this research piece is presented in brief notes to get you going asap. Various Ways to Condition or Soften Polymer Clay I will include a useful video to each method where possible. I always find notes are easier and faster when one is just doing a quick refresh. Videos are great for fuller details especially when one has not encountered this information before. Oil or Water for Re-Conditioning Polymer Clay This is probably my preferred method as it is so easy and does not need fancy tools or conditioners. IMPORTANT. Whether you use oil and the like or water, will depend on the polymer clay you have. Specifically as to whether they are oil based or not. Scul

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