Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ruffled Peyote Stitch – How to

I am sure there are various ways of achieving ruffles or frills with peyote stitch.  This is but one of them. Ruffled peyote is a very useful addition as it can be used to create texture, structure, interest. Cab with Ruffled Peyote Stitch Ruffled Peyote Stitch Characteristics The ruffles produced are solid, firm, and strong.  They stand up on their own. Not floppy. Not flimsy. Tips on Weaving Ruffled Peyote Knowing how to do peyote stitch helps! Each bead must be pulled taut as you work the ruffles. Advisable to use different colours in the ruffles (even if colours are slightly differentiated) because the first 3 rows of the ruffles can get very confusing (hard to distinguish one bead from another). Once the ruffled peyote is complete, do not try to bend it.  (I once snapped off the entire ruffle strip: the stitching, as needs be, is so taut that they can break off that way.) 3 foundation rows of increases to create the ruffles.  Use beads smaller than main body of work. How to C

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