Monday, September 29, 2014

Dremel Stylus – Do you Need one?

I have always wanted a Dremel. Well, not actually always . But ever since I started seeing so many people & crafty friends mentioning a Dremel. They throw out the name Dremel as if the Dremel was such a item like Bosch that anyone hearing the name, would know it. I didn t. And yet I wanted one. And I didn t even know what it could do. But I wanted a Dremel. When my Dremel arrived, I loved it at first sight. Dremel Stylus 7.2v Cordless with Docking Station & Accessories Which Dremel to Get? In January of 2013, when I was ready to get a Dremel (incorrectly thinking it would be a belated Xmas pressie) I was all a flounder as to which Dremel I should get. It should at least do a number of things. Hopefully things I would want it to do. Vaguely, I thought of polishing metal, a bit of buffing, cutting maybe but really, I was floundering. I turned to my Facebook clever friends and discovered many thumbs up for the Dremel Stylus 7.2v Cordless. So I got it. And it arrived. I was fascinated and

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