Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dremel Accessories – Explained

When I got my fascinating Dremel Stylus, I was in love. But confused.  My Dremel Stylus came with a box of accessories.  But what in golly geez were they for?  And how do I use those Dremel accessories? There was no manual.  So, let s find out about the Dremel accessories. My new Dremel & Dremel accessories Dremel Multi-Chuck Dremel 3 Jaw Multi Chuck #4486 While my Dremel Stylus came with its own box of accessories, it does not come with the indespensable multi-chuck.  I have to thank a friend for putting me wise on this gadget. The Dremel Multi-Chuck is (more) technically called the Dremel 4486 MultiPro Keyless Chuck. A very knowledgeable Facebook friend (Chrissie Smith) pointed out to me I would find a Dremel Multi-Chuck very useful. At the time, she might as well have been speaking Greek to me. However I knew I had better listen. She, unlike me, knows what she is talking about when she Dremel-talks! So I got myself a chuck as well. Remember to get one for yourself as well. You

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