Monday, September 29, 2014

Collage Drawers – A Facelift

How to transform ugly drawers? collage drawers! Collage Drawers (CH0333) I have been meaning to do something about these drawers coz I so did not like their colours.  So now I have. The collage drawers is a free-form design exercise. And collage drawers are so much fun as you can you all kinds of mix media.  Here I mainly chose to work with fabric and bead embroidery. This is what it looked like to start off with.  Actually there were 6 drawers (3 blue, 3 pink).  But I am only transforming 3 into collage drawers and leaving 3 handy shelves. Pretty yukky colours ain t they? This is in our entryway. Chiki Tikki and Melissa Windstorm like to sit there to watch us come and go. How to make Collage Drawers I am just giving the drawers a facelift. So I will only be working on the front face of the drawers. Get some pieces of material which will form the front of the collage drawers. (Mine were obtained a long time ago from Reverse Garbage, Sydney the best recycling shopping center ever

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