Thursday, September 25, 2014

Beaded Sequin Flower – how to

This is a very simple, very easy bead embroidery technique on how to make a sequin flower. How to embroider a simple beaded sequin flower. Just about any beads will work.  I will just provide a list of the simple ones I used. 4mm round bead 11/0 seed beads sequins Using the 4mm round bead as center of flower, sew the bead where you want the center of the flower to be. I am just using a round piece of felt for the foundation material, to illustrate. You can ignore the green background.  It is just my beading mat. Bring the needle up a bit away from the center bead.  It should be approximately where you want the outer edges of the sequin-petals to be. Pick up one sequin.  If using cup-sequins, pick up from the underside (peaked side) of the sequin. Then 1 seed bead.  This will separate each sequin-petal from the other and produce a 3-D raised effect. Then another sequin from the underside as before; followed by 2 seed beads.  These 2 seed beads will from the center radiating line

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