Thursday, July 10, 2014

Solomon’s Knot Fine Crochet Shawl

Sometime last year (2013) I saw a photo on Facebook that got me itching to attempt a fine crochet shawl done in Solomon s Knot. Crochet Shawl in Solomon s Knot (CH0330) This crochet shawl was done in crochet stitch: Solomon s Knot.  You can find the how-to of the Solomon s Knot in my Crochet Stitches Pictorial Library. One of the beauties of this crochet shawl is the diversity of styles in accommodates. I had some very fine wool (100% pure wool) and it makes for a very fine and refined shawl. The Solomon s Knot crochet stitch is not hard to do.  But being such a fine yarn, it does take a looooog time! And this is the photo I saw on Facebook last year that provided the basic idea for this fine crochet shawl. Idea Source for Crochet Shawl Basic Steps to Make Crochet Shawl Optional: If you want to have beads or sequins (as the crochet shawl here), then thread in the beads and/or sequins before you commence the crochet work. Chain stitch as foundation.  Long enough to comfortably go r

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