Thursday, July 31, 2014

Free Knitting Fonts for Mac

I needed to digitally graph some knit patterns and I was sick of doing it by hand. So I found some great knitting fonts. I originally started looking for knitting software. But the learning curve just seemed too steep. Especially when I wanted to start knitting asap. Then I came across the fact that there are free knitting fonts. And they seemed a much better alternative. With the added bonus that I did not have to install additional software on my system. An Example of Knitting Fonts correspondence to Keyboard 2 Main Free Knitting Fonts I came across 2 popular knitting fonts in my research: Knitting Font ver 2 by Aire River Design [Recommended] Knitter s Symbols by David Xenakis I was originally going to go with Knitter s Symbols but in the end, decided against it. Here are some comparison points to help you choose your knitting fonts. Knitting Font (by Aire River Design) totally free even if you use fonts to commercialize your knitting patterns (but not for distributing the fonts

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