Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Busy Happy – Mix Media Necklace, the journey

If I had to name this necklace, I would simply call it Busy Happy . It is kind of busy (so I have been told) and it has a very happy feel (so I have been told). Now we will go on a pictorial journey on the making of this mix media necklace, including link to detailed notes on how to create your own customised glass cabochons, complete with beads and connector rings. Busy Happy mix media necklace (ch0327) This mix media necklace is characterised by making my own cabochons. Here there is one central handmade felted cabochon (in the center), and 3 customised glass cabochons. How to make your own customised glass cabochon. Making my own cabochons not only makes the own process more fun and personal, but it allows me to a lot of control as to colours, connector links, finish, and sizing. I have written up a detailed article on how to make your own customised cabochons. While each element you make will be different, just as your taste and needs are it will nonetheless provide springboard of

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