Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beading Stitches – Index

Today I think I will spend some time doing some basic beading stitches. I know them. I forget them. So it is always handy to have a quick reminders. Unless necessary, I won t do long tutorials on how to do these basic beading stitches. Whenever possible, I will provide links to written &/or video instructions (after finding the easiest, of course). Some Basic Beading Stitches (in alphabetical order) Brick Stitch (Flat) Herringbone Stitch (Tubular) Herringbone Stitch Ladder Stitch Ndebele Stitch (aka Herringbone Stitch) St Petersburg Stitch Square Stitch (more coming .. over time) The post Beading Stitches Index appeared first on ClearlyHelena.

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