Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cornucopia of Media – Jewelry Felting with Color

Okay, not solely jewelry felting .. but that is how it starts. First, the end piece. Cornucopia of Media Jewelry felting (ch0328) But it all begins with some fluff (felting wool). I will let the pictures walk you through.  This project of jewelry felting and mix media was started in April 2014, then life and work got squished in, and was only completed on 29 Jun 2014. Mix Media and Jewelry Felting a pictorial process I started off with the jewelry felting process by making some felted cabs. It is of course advisable to have some rough visual guide (of the whole piece) in mind so that placements (of components) and color scheme have some starting basis. This whole process of creating a mix media piece is a very ad hoc, touchy feely process. But even at the start, there are some components that might scream out at you for a fit.  Here then is more of the process. There is a whole lot more of bits and pieces, trial and error, fit and reject.  But it is all fun, keeps the little brain

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